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Tommy Johnson's Survival Book on Cancer

I've known who Tommy Johnson Sr. is since the 80's when I was a regular reader of "Tommy's BS" that was included in his racing parts ads in National Dragster. I even bought my first fire suit directly from him. Now, Tommy's BS has evolved into something more serious: CANCER. If cancer isn't already at the top of your worst fears list it should be. We all have had loved ones die from this horrid disease that never seems to slow down.
As a result, there have been a lot of false claims about cures for cancer and sadly the internet is filled with a lot of quackery, mostly from people we have never heard of. Most of the people who go to this site knows who Tommy Johnson Sr is, or know of his son, funny car and top fuel racer Tommy Johnson Jr. Consequently, he holds much more credibility than others do simply because he's a real person we all know, not someone made up by a supermarket tabloid.

Tommy was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was expected to live just a few short months. That was ten years ago. Then he ran into someone that suggested he try some alternative remedies that did indeed work and he's around today to prove that. In fact, his "terminal" cancer is well documented. 

As a result of questioning by others who heard about Tommy's success with cancer, Tommy wrote a book on his ordeal which documents the substances, mainly vitamin B17, that he regularly takes which has kept his cancer in check. The book is tailored to a racer's lifestyle and even include suggestions on some of the things to avoid such as red meat and solvents although I'd add cigarettes and alcohol to that list. However, you don't have to be a racer to follow the book. If anything the racing makes the book much more interesting. 

This book is short and sweet and a must to keep around when the time comes and you need it. Or, pass it on to a friend or relative battling the disease. I got my copy two days after I ordered it for only $25.00 including shipping and it was even signed by Mr. Johnson himself. I posted this story as a service to our readers so you are aware this survival book is out there. It could save your life! 

To order the Cancer book go to:   Rich-B

Tommy Johnson Responds!
Wow! Thanks so much. I wrote it "from the heart" and as true as I know how to write it. I didn't do it for the money, it hasn't made money yet, I wrote it to help others with that terrible disease. Again "thanks". Tommy Sr.



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