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Too often we take what people tell us at face value. We assume that a medical diagnosis and the recommendations of a physician MUST be the only options we have. We might seek a second opinion, but generally we don't question a licensed doctor. We don't seek additional knowledge and THAT can be a fatal choice, especially when you're fighting for your life against cancer! I came close to making that BIG mistake in August 1999. Had it not been for two people whom I now call my “angels”, I simply would not be here today and you would certainly not be reading this book.


The day after my doctor declared my cancer terminal and gave me just three short months to live, Sherry Gilbert of Ottumwa, Iowa, told me about a book called “World Without Cancer” which is the story of vitamin B-17 by G. Edward Griffin. That kicked off my investigation of alternative cancer treatments.


Tim Kushi of Pittsfield, Ma. Did all my initial internet research, as I didn't even know HOW to turn on a computer back then. Today I've become a bit of a computer “wiz” due to all the research I've done on the internet for this book about my fight against cancer.


“I think” anyone battling cancer should listen to their oncologist and follow their prescribed treatment. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do your own research and try alternative methods as well. When you're fighting for your life, nothing should be

off limits, right? That is WHY I'm sharing my story with you. I feel I was spared (maybe by a higher power?) and left on this earth when I it looked like I was not going to be here after Christmas of 1999. And that was to be “on a mission” to tell my story, share it with other victims of cancer and write this book.



Tommy Johnson Sr.



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