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I’m just a regular guy like you that went through a life altering experience with cancer that I feel I NEED to share with you. This book is written “from the heart” and as true as I know to write it. It just may forever change your life or the life of someone you love. Like it changed my life.

I talk about my childhood, growing up in small town America, marring my high school sweetheart, my two kids, my two grandsons, my life racing, a near death crash while racing and some shocking news that I found out about the doctors that operated on me after my crash (the surgeons put my small intestine in upside down AND backwards!). Not to be discovered for 27 years later during cancer surgery!

My entire life has circled around race cars but suddenly one day in March ‘99, race cars didn’t matter any more. I was racing FOR my life. That day my doctor told me “you have cancer”! I about fell out of his office chair.

But I was lucky, yes you read that right, the following day I went to a car show to get my mind off dying in three months or less. But I was lucky, there was an angel there, at least an angel for me. She was in a wheel a year after a car crash and I was being concerned about her. She told me she would be fine but she had a friend at the hospital that told her I received some bad news. The news my doctor told me the day before that I would not be on this planet by Christmas. She asked if I’d checked into alternatives. How lucky for me that she was there that day and just happened to be in the right spot when I was there (as there were hundreds of people circulating around the car show). Lucky for me or divine intervention? Over seventeen years later I don’t care, I’m alive and loving life with my two grandsons I would never of even seen had I not ran into her.

Since my battle with cancer I moved from Iowa, where I lived the first 55 years of my life and have never looked back. My life after surviving cancer is SO much better. EVERY day is special and now that I retired & sold my parts business, my life is filled with joy every day when I get to play with and enjoy those two grandsons. My family and friends mean SO much more to me now. And I’m just plain a much better person.

I thought winning a big race was the greatest thrill in life but now just going fishing with my 7 year old grandson makes winning races seem pretty dull. Hearing the 11 month old say Papa the first time beats winning even the biggest races. Yes, life can be good, no GREAT after cancer and after you read my book, you will know WHY I think that.

Tommy Johnson Sr.



See how weak & sickly the chemo make you.




Here are the two grandsons I would of NEVER seen had I not tried alternatives.


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