Cancer book / Tommy Johnson Sr, Survivor,




QUESTION: What is the number one question you get asked about your battle with cancer when chemo failed and your doctor stopped all treatments?


ANSWER:   That answer is easy, as everyone ask the same thing.  “WHAT did you take”?  Actually I took, and STILL do take, a regiment of
several things every day.  Page 83 of my book tells everything I originally took.  It pretty well tells it all.


QUESTION:  Where do you get the things you took?


ANSWER:  Most everything I took can be bought at Wal-Mart or your local drug store like CVS or Walgreen's.   The things that are banned in
the U.S. are available
over the internet.  In my book I give you the phone numbers or websites to buy everything that I took.   Everything is easily
available with your computer or locally.


QUESTION:  How much does everything cost?


ANSWER:  That also is easy, NOT much.  As I said most of the things I took are available at Wal-Mart and local places like that.   The stuff I
get from Mexico only cost $84.00 a bottle.  (It only cost $79.00 in 1999!)  I probably spend $120.00 a month for everything.  But that includes
what my wife takes too.  She also takes most everything now.  Can you put a price on hope and possibly saving your life?


QUESTION:  How MUCH of each thing do you take?


ANSWER:  In my book I tell exactly  how much that “I” took, and how much I still take today, but should you decide to try everything that I took,
you will have to decide that for yourself.   “I think” how much I took must have been about right?


QUESTION:  How much do you recommend ME taking?


ANSWER:  I am NOT or can NOT recommend anything to you.  That would be practicing medicine and I am not a doctor.  To protect myself I
have put many disclaimers throughout the book.  ALL I can tell you is “what worked for me”.  I don't
make any claims or promises that what I
took will work for anyone else.  But feedback from everyone that tries it, has been VERY good.  What I took didn't work
for one of my best
friends, but he ONLY survived 8 days after finding out he HAD cancer.  What I DO recommend is getting screened by your doctor regularly
and especially if you are over 50.  I caught my cancer with just a routine required race car driver's physical.  My blood test showed my
hemoglobin was was way low.






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