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I just published a book about my life racing and my battle with cancer (when chemo and regular medicine failed and I was sent home by my doctors to die). I turned to alternatives from Mexico and am now a SEVENTEEN year plus cancer survivor. 

  SPECIAL: do you have a friend or even two with cancer (cancer seems to be everywhere these days)?
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The “Big C” can strike fear in any heart. The word “terminal” is so often associated with this diagnosis, especially in the realm of the current medical profession.The medical profession is just that - a profession, not a service.  This book will reveal the shocking truth about what is going on behind closed doors, about the death sentences passed out like pink slips and more. You will also learn about the amazing  opportunities available once you shed the bounds of conventional wisdom. 

This book is for you!

  And, I tell WHY I think our corrupt government and the big drug companies are suppressing cures for cancer and will NEVER let cancer be cured. Just TOO much money in just treating it and letting people die needlessly! It truly is ALL about the money.

For complete details about placing this exceptional book display in your place of business, contact me through the “CONTACT” tab in the menu. You will be amazed at how easily you can share in spreading this valuable information with minimal investment of time and resources…

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Tommy Johnson Sr.

Author, Survivor


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